Audi Sedan Range


More than just a sedan, the Audi Sedan range is a collection of statement luxury vehicles. Audi offer a range of sizes with different performance features so there is sedan to suit even the most discerning buyer. For a compact sedan the A3 is ideal while the S3 adds a sporty edge.

In the mid-size, it’s no wonder the A4 is an award-winner with its performance and luxury appointments. The sophisticated S4 features V6 turbo-charged power while the new A6 is packed with new tech. Top of the range, the A8 is the brand’s flagship and the perfect executive vehicle and a popular choice with chauffeur and hire car businesses.

Aficionados will be highly anticipating the 2020 release of the Audi A6.

Please contact us to discuss finance for your Audi Sedan purchase.

Selecting a Car Finance Broker

Even before you select which Audi sedan to purchase, astute buyers will already be contacting a car finance broker to source them a great finance deal for the purchase. Just as the Audi sedan range has many choices, so does the broker market. To select which broker will deliver you the best deal consider their individual credentials, experience and accreditations. You’ll want a finance broker that specialises in motor vehicle finance as they will know which lenders offer the best deals on cars. Your broker needs to be independent of any bank or finance company but accredited with many to ensure you are having your best interests addressed. Brokers are regulated by the Finance Brokers of Australia Association (FBAA) so ensure yours is a member.

Selecting Your Loan Structure with the Calculator

At the same time as you’re browsing the Audi sedan range you can be calculating rough ballpark estimates on the monthly repayments for each model. We have provided a Car Finance Calculator on our website which is free to use and can be a useful resource in your car buying process.

By entering loan amount, desired loan term, current interest rate and any residual or balloon, you will receive an indication of what the monthly payment may be, based on data entered. The calculator can’t allow for fees and charges by individual lenders and other variables with individual applications, but it can provide an estimate. By varying the data you can see how the monthly repayment changes. This may be helpful to brief your broker as to how you would like your finance structured. Click over to the Car Finance Calculator now.

Selecting Your Car Finance Type

Your broker will take you through the different loan types in detail which are available for your specific car purchase. There are different loans for personal cars and business vehicles and a specialised product for employers wanting to provide a vehicle for an employee as part of their remuneration package.

Car loans include:

  • Personal Secured Car Loan
  • Unsecured Personal Loan
  • Business Vehicle Leasing
  • Business Vehicle Rental
  • Business Vehicle Leasing with Salary Sacrificing
  • Chattel Mortgage (for businesses)
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) for Business Vehicles

For more details on each of these, click over to our Finance webpage.