Audi SUV

The Audi Q range of SUVs (sports utility vehicles) combines luxury and engineering expertise for those with an active lifestyle. The range starts with the Q2 for the city driver, moves up to the Q3 compact premium and the all new Q3 Sportback, the mid-sized Q5 and the more powerful mid-sized SQ5, the luxurious and large Q7 and its higher performance SQ7 partner through to the top of the range turbo-charged Q8.

Whatever your lifestyle, the number of passengers you need to accommodate or gear you need to take for your adventures, Audi have a SUV to suit you.

Due for release in 2020 is the Audi A6 Allroad which will make the selection of which Audi SUV to purchase an even more difficult decision.

If a brand new Audi is out of reach, the used Audi market is a must to explore.

Please contact us to discuss finance for your Audi SUV purchase.

Financing Your Audi

Whether you’re purchasing a personal drive or a business vehicle, there are a number of finance packages available for both new and used Audi.

Personal Car Loans

If your Audi is for personal use, the most popular form of car loan is a Secured Car Loan. The lender uses the car as security against the loan. This type of loan has a fixed interest rate, fixed loan term and fixed monthly payment.

Business Car Finance

If your Audi is for primarily business use, the choice as to which commercial finance facility is best for you, will depend on the accounting method you use and how your business treats GST, balance sheet, tax deductions and depreciation.

The selection from most banks and finance companies includes:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Motor Vehicle Lease
  • Motor Vehicle Rental
  • Leasing with Salary Sacrificing

Using a Car Finance Broker

Sourcing finance can be far more difficult than even deciding which Audi SUV – if you decide to do it yourself. The smarter way is to engage the services of a professional finance broker who specialises in motor vehicle finance. Independent brokers who are not aligned with a bank or finance company but are accredited with many lenders, provide you with a wider choice of loan options. More options means more chances to get a cheaper interest rate and a better finance package.

Using our Car Finance Calculator

If you’re considering different Audi SUV models and would like an indication of the monthly repayments on each one, we invite you to utilise our car finance calculator. It’s quick and easy to use and will provide you with a rough estimate that may assist with your decision-making. Head to our Car Finance Calculator webpage now!