When the Audi TT was first released around 20 years ago, it set a new benchmark for sports cars and quickly developed a reputation as a highly sought-after vehicle. The current range includes the Audi TT Coupe and the TTS Coupe with a new TT RS Coupe coming in 2020.

Without doubt this is THE car for driving enthusiasts. Aerodynamic, lightweight in construction, sharp handling and a cockpit which clearly takes inspiration from aircraft. The TTS also takes inspiration from motor sport but with the luxury appointments you expect in a top of the range vehicle including a Bang & Olufsen sound system. 

Audi have a wide dealer network, so you can head out for a test drive and experience the Audi TT first hand.

Please contact us to discuss finance for your Audi TT purchase.

Motor Vehicle Finance Options

To finance your Audi TT, there are a number of car loan types available for both personal and business vehicles.

Personal Car Loans

Choice of either a Secured Car Loan, which is the most popular for person vehicle loans, or an Unsecured Personal Loan if you choose not to offer the vehicle as security against the loan.

Business Vehicle Finance

The selection of commercial finance facilities includes options for both cash and accruals accounting methods. The options vary in their treatment of tax deductibility, GST application, balance sheet approach and depreciation.

  • Motor Vehicle Leasing
  • Motor Vehicle CHP
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Motor Vehicle Rental
  • Leasing with Salary Sacrificing

Calculating Loan Estimates

Many people like to have some indication of monthly repayments before committing to a new car purchase. To make that easy for you to calculate, we’ve included a Car Finance Calculator on our website. You simply input data on the various models you are considering – loan amount, loan term, interest rate, balloon – and the system calculates an estimate for monthly repayments based on that data. By varying the data, ie comparing models, you can easily see the different payment amounts. So if you’re tossing up over a TT or the TTS, the calculator may assist with your decision.

Click onto our Car Finance Calculator page for details.

Finance Broker Services

To secure the best loan for your Audi TT, approaching the bank or finance company yourself can be a time-consuming and infuriating process and you may limit yourself to only the well-known or easily accessible banks and lenders.

Engaging the services of a professional Car Finance Broker not only streamlines the process, but assures you that multiple options from multiple lenders, including industry-only sources, have been considered.

Ensure your broker is independent and experienced in motor vehicle finance.