Car Finance Calculator

Buying an Audi, whether new or used, is a very exciting experience. But not knowing how much you might be paying each month on your car loan, can create uncertainty which may delay your decision and you getting behind the wheel of your new car.

If you’re purchasing a second hand vehicle, any delay on your end can mean you miss out on a great deal as someone else snaps it up.

To alleviate concerns and assist buyers with deciding on which great Audi to order, we have provided this Car Finance Calculator.

It’s very easy to use and can be accessed at any time 24/7, from your device with internet connectivity. Just jump onto this page with your car purchase price and you’ll be ready to start.


If you want to vary the amount, simply alter the data you input, eg loan term.

This is an estimate only as the functionality does not take into account any fees and charges which may be applied by individual lenders or other aspects specific to your application. But it’s a great tool and allows you to compare estimates for as many vehicles as you like, while you browse the brochures.

If the estimate is spot on with your expectations, contact us to discuss organising a firm quote.


The calculator is a generic tool for calculating estimates based on data entered. The result achieved does not indicate a quote, or a loan offer in any way. The calculator does not allow for any fees or charges that may be applied by the lender and does not take into consideration individual details of your application.

The calculator calculates a figure (estimate) based on data entered, for repayments over that set timeframe at the interest rate entered. Other factors pursuant to your application may alter the result.

The calculator is not set up to calculate interest-only car loans.

The calculator is provided as a resource tool and not as financial advice or the sole basis for financial decisions. If you require advice, you may consider contacting a professional financial advisor.